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Here is the “Manu with kids interview” translation. It’s kinda crap but I didn’t have much time to do this. Hope it makes sense.

» TRANSLATION C/O THE AWESOME PERSON THAT IS SANDRA @ http://punk-ist-auch-nur-disco.tumblr.com/ ZOMG TYSM ♥ ♥ U R SO KIND

LINK TO THE VIDEO: Manuel Neuer im Gespräch mit Kindern

Girl: Do you wear a certain kind of underpants for every match?

Manu: Well, I don’t wear underpants at all during a match. (UM. HOT) It doesn’t mean I’m all naked under my shorts. I do wear cycling shorts underneath. The kit rep always puts the same one out, so maybe thats something special. But it’s always black and from Adidas. It’s kinda the same.

Girl: Could you give away a prank from your youth?
Manu: I never played a prank.

Boy: Why are you 22 and play for the U21 Team? (lol @ this little fucker :D)
Manu: That’s a very good question. Cause we started the qualifications with the U21 Team and i was 20 or 21 back then. And these players are playing in Sweden for the Eurocup 2009 .. and do finish it, cause we qualified and thats why I am 22 and do play for the U21.

Girl: In the past did you ever cut/skip training?
Manu: Never the training .. yeah, I’m not supposed to tell about the other thing.. Uhm, i’ve never cut training. And I do think if you do this, you chose the wrong job or the wrong hobby. And you are having fun and enjoy doing and don’t do this cause you parent tell you to do this. And you go there to play with the boys .. or the girls. And you do it from your own motivation.

Little boy: What do you think about girl who play football?
Manu: I think it’s a good thing. Especially in Germany there are many viewers watching the German NT live on TV. And besides America we have one of the best leagues and are successful. And i like it. And I like everything that has to do with sports anyway.

Little Boy: Who would you like to meet (doesn’t have to be an athlete)?
Manu: I bumped into Boris Becker one day. But he didn’t recognize me or didn’t see me. And it was something special fro me when i saw him from further away. Cause i used to watch and play tennis when I were young. And this was something special, because when you step into this room (little boy is yawning—haha what even) where Boris Becker is present with his aura, that is something special. And maybe grab a meal with him and sit at one table would be special.

Girl: Is it fun for you to answer fan questions?
Manu: Yes, maybe if you hadn’t 3 pages full of them. Just kidding. (oh manu. stars in my eyes) I’m pleased that I can make kids like you happy, because I also used to be a fan. And thinking back now I also used to visit the Schalke training sessions and was happy to see the pros. And so i can identify and I like doing it.

Boy: During the games you appear to be really cool. How do you do this? Are you really that cool?
Manu: Heh. Yeah, I don’t know. I’ve been doing this job for a longer period of time now and I always used to be a goalie so it’s almost automatic. And you have to be fully focused. I always try to exude calmness, cause I do believe thats also important for my teammates. Some goalies are different and like to scream and yell at their teammates. I’m not like that, cause I think this could make thee insecure and I’m a calm guy and thats why I do seem cool. (a calm aries, hmmm)

Girl: Are you being green-minded Do you sort your waste?
Manu: Hmm, I do have three waste containers infront of my house and i don’t throw stuff into them randomly. (what else does he NOT do? oh, take off his shirts.)

Little boy: How do you spend christmas?
Manu: Like i told already, I do go to church on Christmas Eve. And I like to hand out and receive gifts. And usually i go on skiing holiday. But I don’t know how it’s gonna work out this year, I haven’t made plans so it’s gonna be spontaneously





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