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cuteness overload!!!

translation from community.livejournal.com/ontd_football/2634600.html

I: only 5 more games, how convinced are you that you'll win the cup
M: well I am very convinced, we all want to become champion, we are in a good stage at the moment, we have it in our grip and we are strong enough to do it
I: You said yourself that you once stood in the North corner, we have pic of what it looks like these days, gras has grown the display panel has gone, what are the big games you have watched there, can you remember?
M: well I wasn't born when the 6:6 happened against Munich,(audience claps) well one obviously always remembers the first ever game it was against Wattenscheid I think it was a 3:3 or 4:3 for us erm I think it was 1991 and of course the Championship of hearts
I: where you in the stadium that day?
M: Yes I was in the North Corner and ran onto the field later on
I: oh dear god
M: yeah it was a bit of a bummer
I: Did you have a regular spot in the North Corner or how did that go...
M: um yeah, I always had the opportunity seeing as I already played for Schalke back then, and I seized the opportunity to go whenever I have had time to go
I: Your best mate you have known since Kindergarten who is here today gave us some pictures, here we see you as a fan, and here in the North Corner, left is your best friend, it looks like a real Corner fan, was that in Bremen?
M: Yes in Bremen
I: When I imagine, well I have never played in a sold out stadium, but not long ago you have been there as a fan yourself, and now you are playing infront of 60.000 knowing the whole North Corner is watching you. Did you ever feel something like jimjams the last couple of weeks?
M: um well I think when we played Bavaria I became quite nervous and I was crowned number 2 by the coach, he decided on me and of course the pressure was on there, but I don't know, I think it helped me a little, when I was standing in the Corner back then when we played outwards I was close to the field and I think that helped me.
I: because you knew the atmosphere
M: yeah
I: do you have method to calm yourself down?
M: um nothing special really, I do not have certain rituals before the game
I: reading the stadium newspaper..
M: um well the 05 I did read today, but...
I: really do these lie around in the booth?
M: yes
I: Can you tell us what was in there? or does that pass by you
M: well sometimes I only look at the pics if I don't have enough time, it just calms me down, and yeah I usually do that so..
I: you are still a newcomer, even tho you are clearly the number one, what it's like when you are screaming the shit out of warhorses like Krstajić and Bordon, how is that taken?
M: well I try to stay objective, if they make mistakes they know what they did wrong, I do not need to tell them with 32 years or so
I: okay but I mean a lot of people have said that your objectivity stands out, because there is a different generation of goalkeepers I am speaking of generation madhouse, Oliver Kahn his eyes pop out of his head during the game, Frank Rost, Tim Wiese, will we see you like that?
M: pfff I can't really say that now I wasn't a situation like that to this point where I had to portray something like that, like I said I always try to stay factual with my teammates and help them and I think that is the right way
I: you have had a training with Schalke, you are one of the youngest on the team, but the senior in the squad, playing for Schalke since 1991, most start with 6 you have started with 4 years, and the best your mate gave us moving pictures here they come
Manuel Neuer is 4 years old during this tournament, we recognize you at first sight you are obviously the goalkeeper to you have any recolection of this?
M: Well I have seen this a couple of times now and I know what's going to happen
I: okay please note a goal scored against you, which made you visibly upset you had to be comforted...and I think you have forgot something this is where Manu runs back and gets his stuffed toy
M: well I had to add that this was an important game
I: and what teddy was that, a comforter?
M: not really a comforter, it was to be a mascot but when it was scored against us I did forget him a couple of times
I: If you want or not we have got more of those





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